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Goal of the Project:

The goal of cf2php is to take a site written in ColdFusion and convert it to a fully functioning PHP site with one command.

Current Status of Development:

Need to have parse functions written for all of the CF tags and functions.

The program can easily be modified to support any database by altering the

routines, but currently MySQL is the only database written into the code.

How to Contribute to the cf2php Project:

There's a lot left to be done to before this project reaches it's goals, so if you've made improvements to the code we would love to hear from you!

Email if you would like to be added to the developer list at Source Forge.

You can also email your code changes, comments or suggestions, to

Use cf2php on the command prompt like:

	perl filename.cfm

You can also specify conversion to a specific database type by setting the DATABASE_TYPE variable in the file.

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